Contemplating The Conquest of Happiness

HAPPY is a modern and visual journey through The Conquest of Happiness, Bertrand Russell’s age-old advise on happiness. It provides a convenient framework that helps establish mindfulness towards the causes of unhappiness and understanding while embracing the causes of happiness.

HAPPY provides concise notes on what to look out for using many examples from philosophy, history and art. Given that happiness is a vast subject, the framework in HAPPY is a practical way of embedding Russell's ideas in your life without going too deep into the science, psychology and philosophy. It helps you benefit from these understanding with a constant mental awareness that sustains your happiness for productivity and health.

The Framework

A framework is a useful construct that gives us a structured approach to an immense subject. For example, in programming, we use frameworks as a guide towards a certain pattern that we want to adopt and often as a convenient way to leverage on reusable knowledge. The framework below encapsulates the 8 causes of unhappiness and 6 causes of happiness that Russell espouses.

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The author

Vito Chin is a cloud architect at Microsoft by day and an avid writer in his spare time. His interests includes software, mental health and personal finance. He took 6 years researching, writing and making HAPPY whenever he finds time and those effort in turn provided opportunities to embrace happiness following the framework described within the book.

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